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SSI is happy to announce a new affiliation with Synergy, a Professional Employment Organization (PEO) founded in 1989, with corporate headquarters in Chicago.

ADD ON Staffing, the local representative for Synergy, will be working closely with SSI to bring HR Outsourcing to the greater Minnesota marketplace. Please contact Scott Whelan for additional information. (952-392-6919).


Service Offerings


ALL of our clients are unique in what type of staffing program works best for them.  Specialty Staff  understands that and recognizes the need to have a custom designed approach for all of our clients. 


We start at the basics with four different foundations. Then, working closely with our clients, we discover what approach will work best for them and proceed to custom design the solution specific to their needs within the structure of our programs noted below. 


  • Traditional Staffing. For our clients who experience extreme peaks, seasonal needs, project based business, and continue to staff a percentage of their workforce with contingent employees to give themselves more flexibility.


  • Trial for Hire. Today employees are "trying you on for size" too! This program gives both our clients and our employees a chance to try before they buy. Our clients need to be as close to perfect as they can be with their hiring decisions. By transferring the risks and exposures to us, it allows them the opportunity to view the performance before making that critical decision that can effect more than turnover.


  • Direct Hire. Sometimes it is good just to take the recruiting and interviewing out of the way! We do what we do best, so our clients can do what they do best-building their business. Allowing us to source the candidates and control the interview process permits our clients the opportunity to make a "great" hiring decision, without exhausting their valuable time.


  • Managed Staffing. High volume users find that they are inundated with continually managing not only their staffing services but also the flexible employees. There are three separate programs that can be designed from the Managed staffing offering. We assume the management of our clients' employees so that they can concentrate on revenue generating functions. Whether we are on-site full time, or on an "as-needed" basis, this function continues to be a premiere choice.


Specialty Staff  is an industry leader in providing value-added services such as affirmative action programs, HR diagnostics and employee communications, to name a few.  With our custom designed approach, flexibility, and creativity, we become the single source for our clients' staffing needs.